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A Mother’s Perspective: Interview with Mom

by | May 15, 2017 | RAMBLINGS, TRAVEL TIPS & ADVICE | 0 comments

Moms (and mother figures) are very important for solo travel! Whether it’s to have someone be as equally excited about my new hostel, to have a shoulder to cry on, or to get caught up on family drama back home, my Mom is always there for me on this trip and in life. She keeps me grounded and reminds me to appreciate the present.

Today is Mother’s Day and in honour of that, I interviewed my favourite momma – my own that is!

1. What was your first reaction when I told you I was going on a 6 month solo backtracking trip through SE Asia?

Fear!  Fear of unknown dangers that could occur while over 12,000 km away in countries that I didn’t know much about.

2. What were you most worried about?

My first reaction lol Then I started thinking that even if you were just downtown Vancouver or in Victoria, accidents and any other horrendous things could happen to you. We would still be in touch due to the Internet and after talking to other family and friends who had traveled where you were going it didn’t seem as scary as I thought (darn fear of the unknown LOL). Being your mother means I’ll never stop worrying, no matter where you are. (Editor’s note: sorry mom, you gave birth to an accident prone daughter!)

3. What were you most excited about?

You were following your dreams and going to have an amazing journey visiting new countries.

4. Do you still worry? If so, what about?

As mentioned in #2, I’ll always worry LOL I have no fears and I know you are an intelligent woman who does listen to her inner conscience. I trust you will be safe as possible so what is there to worry about!

5. Now that I’m more than 4 months into my trip, how have your feelings changed?

Within days of you leaving and shortly after you left, you told me about a fellow worker from Landmark that lived and worked in Thailand so you were planning to meet up with her.  You also told me about an amazing FB group of single ladies travelling. Knowing you had a good support group beyond your local family and friends has relieved my fears.  Also, the Internet is an amazing tool.  Being able to share your adventures through FaceTime, texting instantly when you are across the continent and keeping in touch through your blog and Instagrams has brightened my day so many times! I think we text more often now than when you were only a few hundred thousand km away in Churchhill!

6. What’s the hardest thing about me being away?

No Susie hugs.

7. What’s the best thing about me being away?

Sharing your amazing journey and watching your confidence soar.

8. What do you want other moms/dads of solo travellers to know?

Things will happen, that’s life.  Falls, trips and even Monkey scratches  (as you have experienced) can and do occur.  Be prepared!  Encourage your child to have good travel insurance and network with other solo travellers, family and friends to help them when they need it.

9. Any words of advice to give to solo travellers about how to help their moms/dads cope?

Keep in touch and share your adventure whenever possible (FaceTiming and seeing your different hostels and living conditions made us want to jump on a plane and join your adventure. It never added stress or worry).

10. Tell me about your favourite travel memory…

We haven’t travelled off North America many times, but my favourite was visiting the Community Farm in Cuba, seeing how the people really live and work outside of the tourist areas. We were welcomed with open arms and fed an amazing local lunch.  It really opened our eyes to communist (at that time) Cuba.

11. Anything else you want to say to me?

Thank you for daring to dream and then following your dreams.  Thank you for taking us along on your journey, sharing your ups and downs and making a difference globally. More people will now follow their dreams because of your honesty and well-spoken words on your blog.

12. Anything else you want to say to my readers?

I don’t want to sound like bragging but I have always been very proud of you and your accomplishments yet this trip has shown me that you will continue to grow and accomplish your dreams, filling my heart with joy of being able to say “That’s my daughter!” <3

Thanks Mom! Happy Mother’s Day

I’m sending you GIANT hugs from Langkawi, Malaysia!


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