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Eating on Koh Phayam

by | Feb 2, 2017 | CITY GUIDES, Koh Phayam, Thailand, Travel | 0 comments

Ahh, Thai food, how I love thee. I had so much delicious food I hardly know where to start! Ok, that’s a lie. I definitely need to start with Cha-Chai’s.


Only a 10 minute walk or 2-minute scooter ride away, this restaurant quickly became my favourite place. In my two weeks, there was only one day I didn’t have at least one meal at Cha-Chai’s and that was because it was pouring rain all day. Otherwise, I went at least once a day. Delicious, healthy, conscious food. All the food iss vegetarian, and most could be made vegan and/or gluten free.¬†Run by awesome owners, this place truly offers an experience. Charmaine, one of the owners, hand made all these beautiful signs.

Coffee & Resort

I discovered this place when M left her phone behind and we quickly hopped on my scooter to retrieve it. I’m so glad because I went there the next three days for breakfast. With sitting areas built around a giant tree, yummy lattes and the most delicious waffles, I was in love!

Rabbit Cooking Class

No post about eating could be complete without talking about First. He is the cook at Rabbit Bungalows, and makes the most delicious Thai food. He also liked to tease me for always making my dishes with “baby levels” of spice. My favourite memory with First though, is when he taught me to make Pad Thai and Papaya Salad! He took me to the market to get the supplies and then away we went!

We made enough for 4 people, so we sat down with Lek (the owner), Ung (the resort massage therapist), First and myself. So yummy and so much fun!

Rabbit Family BBQs

One of my favourite things about staying at Rabbit Bungalows was how it felt like family. Part of that was the weekly BBQs Lek would host. For 300 baht ($11 CDN), we’d have a giant feast of fish, curries, morning glory and of course, rice! One of the evenings Lek even let us buy our own fish and veggies and we made our own. And by we, I mean Tim, Lara and Dagmar created a delicious German style meal that I thoroughly enjoyed!

Strange Fruits

I also tried a few new things… the most memorable probably being durian fruit. I’ll let the video speak for itself….


Furry Food Buddies

More often than not, eating on Koh Phayam also meant having furry dinner guests. The Island has a ton of cats and dogs, some strays, some that have been adopted out. Either way, when you’re eating, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a friend or two nearby.


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