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First Day In Bangkok

by | Jan 12, 2017 | Bangkok, RAMBLINGS, Thailand, Travel | 0 comments

Stepping outside your comfort zone takes effort. That was my first thought as I stood facing my hostel door. I’d showered, texted family and friends, slathered up with sunscreen.. it was officially time to leave the safety of my room. I didn’t know who I’d meet downstairs or what I even wanted to do today. The sudden shift from excited to anxious took me by surprise to be honest.  It was the first bit of true anxiety I’d say that’s come up so far. (Side note, I experienced 8 seconds of sheer panic the night before when I thought I lost my passport at the airport, but I found it too quickly for anxiety to actually set in.) After a good mental pep talk, and a reminder that free breakfast ended soon, I took that fundamental next step as a solo traveller. After putting my valuables in the lockers and taking the obligatory “I did it!” selfie in the rooftop garden…

… I enjoyed a delicious breakfast of eggs, toast, watermelon, juice and the yummiest coffee. Best of all, I made a friend! A slightly shy “Can I sit with you?” led to over an hour of chatting with Amy, who is a Cultural Researcher and basically my hero. I loved hearing her talk about sustainable tourism and her travels all around SE Asia. In talking with her I realized that there was no shame in taking a day to just settle in and not do much. I realized what was important was for me to feel grounded in this new place. That meant going out and getting my bearings in a way that worked for me. So I spent another hour around the hostel, FaceTiming with my parents and getting organized, and finally I was ready to venture out for the day.

I had decided my first stop would be to visit the Landmark Worldwide Center. I’d worked for this company in Vancouver a few years ago, and still actively participate in their leadership programs back at home. One of the things I love about it is I always feel like I have an instant community wherever I go because we have centers in 55 countries worldwide.

The second I saw the familiar logo, I had a perma-grin that lasted the rest of the day. It was so neat to visit a place that was across the world, yet felt like home. The energy felt exactly like Vancouver’s center. Busy, intentional, and you immediately felt like anything was possible. I was instantly welcomed and introduced to the Regional Manager (man I wish now I had written everyone’s names down!). I sadly wasn’t able to assist during the Landmark Forum event this weekend as I had hoped, as their assisting team speaks all Thai and it wouldn’t work. I’ll definitely be going to at least one Sunday or Tuesday evening session while I’m here though. If not this round in Bangkok then my next. I felt much more grounded after leaving the center. It’s hard for me to put it into words right now, but I am so beyond grateful to have Landmark’s programs and the incredible people from the community in my life. I don’t know if I would have ever had the courage to do this trip if not for all the work I’ve done with Landmark. Going there today felt like a perfect way to honour that.

After I enjoyed my delicious lunch, I set off on a hunt. My friend Kailey had challenged me to find a second hand bookstore and send her a picture of what it was like. Less than an hour after she challenged me, I found one just steps from the BTS Skytrain near my hostel. And of course, the first section I enter and grab a book from, is the romance section. Even when I can’t read the language I still know how to pick the good books! 😉

Coming back to the hostel, I felt like a brand new person. The self confidence boost from simply figuring out the transit system and managing to get around successfully was awesome. I finally feel ready to explore the city further. Tomorrow’s challenge will be leaving my private room to try the dorms. Life of a traveller on a budget! 🙂
PS… by the time I was finished writing this, I was way too tired to leave the hostel so I had a dinner of champions!


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